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Cajas Barcelona Beer Company


General purchase conditions Price list

In relation to Value Added Tax, as a general rule the tax rate of 21% will be applied for the territory of the European Union where this tax is applicable.


The prices displayed on may be reviewed and modified if the conditions require it at any time.


Payment Methods

All purchases can be paid with:


  • Income / Transfer.

Our data to make the deposit or transfer will be provided to you at the time of order confirmation. The order will not be sent until the deposit has been reflected in our account and you have sent us a copy of the deposit / transfer receipt to our email .


  • Paypal.

If you have a Paypal account you can send the money comfortably and free of charge to our account. Registration is free, you just have to associate your card or bank account with an email address and a delivery address.


  • Credit card.

Using the secure server of our payment gateway.

Once you have placed the order in our store, the program will direct you to the website of the payment gateway where you will enter your card details.


Important: At the end of the process, the page of our payment gateway will return you to our store where you will finish the order process.


Our payment gateway uses SSL technology to protect your information. Furthermore, when you send a payment through this gateway, the recipient does not receive sensitive financial data such as their credit card or bank account number.


Credit Card fraud is a crime and B&B Brew and Spirits¡ SL will take legal action against anyone who carries out a fraudulent transaction in our store.


You can check the total amount of your order at any time in the last step of order confirmation in your shopping cart.


The billing information will only be used for the shipment of the purchased product / s. This information will not be used for commercial purposes nor will it be disclosed to third parties.



The clients of benefit from the guarantee given in the articles.


Defects or damage due to improper use or handling of the material or wear caused by normal use of the same, are not included in this warranty.


Losses in the functionality of the articles, due to the limitations of their design, are also excluded from the coverage of this guarantee.


If you have any questions about the guarantee, contact us through our form on the web or through .


General data protection

You can consult our privacy policy in the " Privacy Policy " section for this purpose.


Legislation and jurisdiction (Spain only)

These general conditions will be interpreted in accordance with the legislation in force in Spain on the matter, which will be applied subsidiarily in everything that has not been provided for in them.



B&B Brewand Spirits SL, reserves the right to modify the products offered through the website at any time, introducing or eliminating certain products or content that contribute to offering better service.

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